21 Perfect Gifts for Architects


There are several gift ideas that an architect might appreciate. A high-quality drafting set or sketchbook, a portable laptop stand, a stylish bag or durable backpack, architecture-related books or magazines, a personalized desk accessory, a high-quality pen set, a stylish and comfortable chair, a gift card to a local art supply store, or a custom-designed piece of jewelry or art are just a few ideas. Architects frequently use pencils, rulers, and other drawing equipment to make comprehensive plans and drawings, and they may enjoy a gift that assists them in doing so. They also regularly work on the go and must transport their materials and equipment, so a functional and attractive bag might be a handy present.

Architects are always seeking new ideas and inspiration, so books or publications on architecture or design might be a considerate gift. Personalized workplace accessories, such as paperweights or desk organizers, may be practical and elegant gifts, as can fine-tip pens or markers for precise writing and sketching. Many architects work long hours at their workstations, so a comfortable and fashionable chair is a welcome gift. Architects are constantly in need of new materials and resources, so a gift card to a local art supply store might be a useful and considerate present. Consider commissioning a custom-designed piece of jewelry or art that represents the architect’s interests and aesthetic for a more customized and unique gift.

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21 Perfect Gifts for Architects

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Architecture Keychain

Looking for the perfect gift for your architect? Done! This hand-engraved keychain, “The Influence of A Great Architect Can Never Be Erased,” is the perfect way to demonstrate your respect for architects and the construction sector. It comes in a velvet jewelry pouch. Don’t miss this wonderful present for your architect.
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Architect Infinity Scarf

This soft and lightweight infinity scarf, featuring construction drawings, is the perfect conversation starter for any woman who loves architecture. Not only is this scarf stylish and versatile, it’s also produced with ethical trading and fair wages in mind, as well as being environmentally friendly. It can be worn in a variety of ways and is suitable for casual, business, or formal occasions. Whether worn around the neck in a long circle or wrapped twice, this scarf is a great way to accessorize any outfit.
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2 in 1 Digital Laser Tape Measure

If you are looking for an easy and precise way to measure distances and lengths, check out this 2 In1 laser distance tape measure. With a single-button operation, you can quickly and easily take long-distance laser measurements in either feet or metric units. The large LCD screen displays fractional and continuous measurements with an accuracy of ±1/16 inch up to 130ft/40m. The device is comfortable to use, thanks to its anti-skid rubberized ABS case, AutoLock tape mechanism, and dual-sided print scale with nylon coating and true-zero magnetic hook. Don’t miss out on this innovative and precise measuring tool.
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Frank Lloyd Wright Swedish Dish Cloths

Add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen with this set of three Swedish Dish Cloths featuring coordinating Water Lilies designs inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic “Waterlilies” drawing. Not only are these dishcloths stylish and beautiful, but they are also environmentally friendly. Made from 30% cotton and 70% wood pulp, they are naturally biodegradable and low-impact to produce. Their cellulose sponge construction makes them super absorbent, perfect for cleaning countertops, soaking up spills, and washing dishes.
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Las Vegas LEGO Architecture Skyline

Bring the iconic skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada to life with this realistic LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection model. Featuring the Bellagio hotel, Luxor hotel, Encore hotel, Stratosphere tower, and the downtown Fremont street experience, this collectible is perfect for fans of travel, architectural culture, history, and design. Each attraction is accurately scaled and colorfully depicted, and the model is finished with a decorative “Las Vegas” nameplate. This set includes 487 pieces and is suitable for display in the home or office. It is recommended for children over 12 years old. Compatible with all LEGO construction sets, this set allows for creative building and is the perfect Las Vegas souvenir.
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Architectural Scale Ruler

This architect’s ruler is a must-have for anyone in the design or engineering fields. With 3 sides and 6 different scales in standard imperial measurements, it is perfect for office drawing work or classroom study. Made of solid aluminum, it is durable, resistant to corrosion, and won’t rust. The laser-etched white markings provide precise and clear digital scales. The classic black design with white markings is stylish and elegant, with smooth surfaces and edges to prevent scratches. This ruler is suitable for all professionals, including technical workers, artists, architects, and engineers.
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Leather Briefcase

This full-grain leather messenger bag is a versatile and stylish choice for carrying all your essentials. It is handcrafted with concealed locks and a removable shoulder strap, and features a spacious interior with a laptop compartment and pockets for organization. The bag’s elegant design makes it suitable for any occasion and it can be used by both men and women.
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Archidoodle: The Architect’s Activity Book

Discover the world of architecture in a fun and interactive way with this innovative book. Packed with beautiful drawings and challenges for the reader to design their own skyscrapers, island houses, and more, this book helps you learn about significant architectural concepts such as site and material selection, furnishing a space, and creating sustainable cities. Get inspired by numerous examples of works by major architects and improve your drawing skills while learning about architecture. Suitable for readers of all ages, from children to students to professionals.

Extendable Poster Tubes

Keep your important documents and large prints safe and secure during transport with this sturdy plastic document tube. The tube expands from 24.5 inches to 40 inches, making it suitable for a wide range of prints, and has an outer diameter of 3.5 inches and an inner diameter of 3.4 inches. It also comes with an adjustable carrying strap and safety caps with a built-in label slot for organization. The tube is waterproof, crack-resistant, and fade-resistant, so you can trust it to keep your documents in pristine condition during travel.
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Frank Lloyd Wright Stone Coasters

Keep your furniture safe from spills and stains with CoasterStone absorbent coasters. Made from a beautiful bone-colored stone and cork-backed to prevent damage, these coasters are the perfect addition to any home. They are not sealed with any coating for maximum absorbency and have a diameter of 4 ¼ inches, making them suitable for use with various drinking glasses, tumblers, mugs, and flasks. Choose from a wide selection of licensed art from nearly 50 artists, including Frank Lloyd Wright and Paul Brent, and easily clean the coasters using the instructions provided on the box. CoasterStone is a family-owned company with years of experience in coaster design, and each coaster is hand-pressed onto the stone using a proprietary printing process.
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Wooden Drafting Stool

Experience convenience and durability with this easy-to-assemble wooden chair. The chair comes with instructions and an assembly tool, and is adjustable in height to fit your drafting table or standing desk. Its compact size of 16.5 inches in width, 11.8 inches in depth, and 18.9-25.6 inches in height makes it suitable for use in small spaces. The chair is made of strong and durable German beech, giving it a warm and inviting appearance in your workplace.
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The Architecture of American Houses Poster

Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast or just love American history, this poster is sure to impress. It features a comprehensive survey of American house styles, featuring 121 different homes ranging from early English settlements to modern McMansions. This poster is printed on durable, acid-free paper using offset lithographic process and is suitable for framing. It measures 16″ x 20″ and comes in sturdy packaging, making it perfect for gifting as is.
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Architects Always Have Plans Zipper Pouch

Looking for a stylish and practical way to store and transport your makeup, jewelry, and other small items? The Architect cosmetics bag is the perfect solution! Made of high-quality canvas with a chic print, this bag is scratch-resistant, durable, and water-resistant, and features a sturdy gold zipper to keep everything secure. With dimensions of 9″L x 7.2″H, this bag is the perfect size for makeup and stationery and can be used as a makeup bag, travel case, pencil case, purse, pouch, or organizer.
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The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright: Complete Catalog

If you are looking for a gift for an Architect, this definitive catalog includes full-color photos, location information, and historical and architectural background for all of Wright’s extant and demolished structures in the United States and abroad is excellent. It’s organized chronologically and includes a geographic listing to help you find nearby Wright structures, as well as a new key indicating which sites are open to the public.
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House Plan Templates

Enhance your architectural and interior design skills with the 3 Pc Architect Drawing and Interior Design Template Set. This comprehensive set includes three templates designed to help you create detailed plans and drawings. Made from a flexible yet sturdy material, these templates are perfect for architects, builders, and contractors.
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20oz Architect Tumbler

This 20oz stainless steel tumbler is a must-have for anyone who loves a good laugh in the morning. With its glossy finish, smooth rounded corners, and see-thru plastic lid, this tumbler is both stylish and practical. And with its sturdy design, heavy bottom, and thick wall, it’s built to last. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean. Whether you’re sipping on hot coffee or cold water, this tumbler is the perfect companion for any occasion.
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If Walls Could Speak: My Life in Architecture

Experience the world of architecture through the eyes of one of its greatest minds with If Walls Could Speak by Moshe Safdie. This fascinating book takes you on a journey through the career of an architect who has designed some of the world’s most iconic and memorable structures. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in architecture and design, with illustrations and documents from Safdie’s firm’s archives adding depth and context to his stories.
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Funny Architect Coffee Mug

Give the gift of laughter to the architect or aspiring architect in your life with the “I Speak 4 Languages English Profanity Sarcasm Architecture” mug. This fun and functional mug is perfect for coffee lovers and features a playful message on the front. It’s a practical and humorous gift that is suitable for any occasion, and is sure to bring a smile to the face of the recipient every time they use it. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a young architect, landscape architect, or student, this mug is a perfect choice. It’s suitable for both men and women and is sure to make a big statement as soon as it’s opened. Don’t wait, get your “I Speak 4 Languages English Profanity Sarcasm Architecture” mug today and bring joy to the life of your favorite architect!

40-Page Large Drawing Pad

The Koala Tools grid sketchbook is the perfect tool for creating impressive perspective sketches. It features various perspective grids that make it easy to draw 3-dimensional, realistic images. The sketchbook comes in two sizes (9×12 inches and 11×17 inches) and has 40 sheets of high-quality, tear-resistant kraft paper. Whether you’re an architect, an interior designer, an artist, or just love drawing, this sketchbook is a must-have for anyone looking to create credible perspective scenes for their work.
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Mechanical Pencil Set

The Mechanical Pencils Set by Koala Tools is the perfect solution for anyone looking for high-quality mechanical pencils for writing, drawing, and sketching. The set includes four pencils in four sizes (0.3, 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9 mm), as well as four eraser refills and four tubes of HB lead refills (30x lead refills per tube). The pencils are designed with a non-slip, ergonomic barrel that provides comfortable writing and sketching for extended use. They are also compact and lightweight, making them easy to take on the go. The set comes in a clear, lightweight case and includes a clip for easy carrying. This set is suitable for everyone, including artists, professionals, students, teachers, engineers, and architects. It also makes a great gift for all occasions, including as stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts.

Anker Noise Cancelling Headphones

Get ready to focus on your work with the exceptional Anker headphones. These headphones feature hi-res audio that is produced using custom enlarged 40 mm dynamic drivers. They also have active noise-canceling technology that helps block out distractions and allow you to concentrate on your work. The Life Q20 headphones have extended high frequencies that reach up to 40 kHz, providing exceptional clarity and depth to your music. Whether you’re working at home, in the office, or on the go, these headphones are sure to help you stay focused and get things done.

Finding the Perfect Gift for an Architect

  • Practicality: Architects often rely on specific tools and materials to do their work, so a gift that is practical and useful to them in their profession is likely to be appreciated.
  • Personal interests: Consider what the architect is interested in outside of their profession, and try to find a gift that reflects those interests.
  • Quality: Architects often appreciate high-quality, well-made products, so consider investing in a gift that is built to last.
  • Creativity: Architects are often creative thinkers, so a gift that allows them to express their creativity or inspires new ideas could be well-received.
  • Uniqueness: A gift that is unique or one-of-a-kind may be especially appreciated by an architect, as they often have an eye for design and appreciate unusual or original items.
  • If you want to get a memorable gift for an architect, consider getting them pens, sketchbooks, desk organizers, calculators, or world globes. These gifts can help them with their work and be greatly appreciated. You could also consider tickets to a museum or art gallery, a gift certificate to a hardware store, or a nice watch. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something the architect will value and use.

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